2020 Year-End Tax Guide

Since Marcum issued our last annual tax guide, the world and each of us have changed in numerous and sometimes dramatic ways. The COVID-19 global pandemic created health, business, financial, and personal issues for all of us in 2020. While we have each dealt with this stressful situation in different ways, no matter how it has impacted you, we are hopeful that the end of the crisis is nearer than the beginning.
This tax guide is a road map to many of the changes brought about by new governmental policies directed at COVID-19, not the least
of which is the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Due to the magnitude of the legislation, this cannot be an
all-encompassing, definitive guide. Please utilize it as a summary of highlights, as it covers many top-level issues and opportunities in
the country’s economic recovery efforts.