2023 Marcum National Manufacturing Survey Report

Introducing Marcum's 2023 National Manufacturing Survey

Welcome to the future of manufacturing. We are excited to present Marcum’s 2023 National Manufacturing Survey, a comprehensive exploration of the manufacturing industry and the trends defining the industry's future. This survey report provides a thorough overview of the industry's challenges and opportunities through insights from a diverse range of manufacturing professionals nationwide.


Explore Key Insights

Our survey delves deep into critical subjects that impact your manufacturing business:


Revenue and Growth: Insights into revenue trends and growth opportunities that can drive your business forward.


Workforce Dynamics: Understand the dynamics of your workforce and how it affects operations and productivity.


Tax Opportunities: Discover potential tax-saving opportunities that can optimize your financial strategy.


Strategy and Technology: Align your strategy with cutting-edge technology, propelling your manufacturing business into the future.


Unlock Your Business Potential

To access the invaluable insights provided in our complimentary summary report, simply fill out the brief form on this page.


Stay ahead of the curve with Marcum's 2023 National Manufacturing Survey.


Learn more about Marcum’s National Consumer & Industrial Products Group by contacting Michael Sacco at (212) 842-7032 and Jon Shoop at (216) 242-0820.